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Intro to Guitar Class

Next Session Time/Day TBD

Course description: This is the perfect class for first time Guitarists! Students will learn basics of the guitar, tuning instruction, hand position/coordination, basic chords, strum pattern practice, basic note reading, active listening, recognizing patterns, and musicality/expression.

Parent/Guardian participation: Parents/Guardians are welcome to bring the student with their guitar/music into the classroom and then wait either in the waiting room/car or drop-off/pick-up. Parents/Guardians are expected to regularly remind students to practice at home. Students will be given clear directions on their practice assignment for the week.

Class size: Students enjoy more personalized attention in small class of four students per class. This class is for students ages 7-12 years old.


Class length: Classes meet one time each week for 25 minutes.


Calendar: The holiday schedule follows the Lebanon Community School Corporation’s schedule and weather closings. The Winter 2023 Classes will be held January 10th – March  21st (NO class on February 21st). Make-up Day is April 4th in the case we need to cancel class due to weather or teacher sick/emergency absence.

Tuition plans: This class is offered in a 10-week session. Class Tuition is based on a total of 10 classes per session plus a $24 Class Starter Kit fee (see next section below). Tuition can be paid by cash, check, or credit card (in-person or online, subject to transaction fee). A non-refundable deposit of $44 is due at sign-up to reserve your spot and will be applied toward your first tuition payment. Semester Fee Payments can follow either option:
•    Monthly by the first of each month ($104 Jan 10th, $60 Feb. 1st, and $60 Mar 1st)
•    In Full for the Semester ($224 due Jan 10th)


Supplies: Each student will need to purchase the Class Starter Kit which includes their own copy of “Essential Elements for Guitar, Book 1 (with Audio Access)” and a custom Cornerstone Music Studio Music Bag to hold everything! Students will also need a guitar for regular practice and to bring to class as well as a tuner (clip on preferred), and guitar picks.


Make-Ups. NO make-up classes/credits will be given if a student misses a group class. It makes it difficult on the student to try to “catch-up,” and is hard on the other students as something may have to be reexplained – we want you to attend every class as possible! If a student is sick or will not be able to make the class in-person, they are still able to attend via Zoom (please inform the teacher ASAP so computer can be set-up!). If class is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we will make-up the class session on our make-up day at the end of the semester.

Practicing Guitar
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