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Student Expectations:

The student is expected to be on time to each lesson with all needed lesson materials - this includes book(s), instrument (violin/guitar/ukulele), and accessories as needed (shoulder rest, rosin, strap, picks). The student is expected to practice daily for 15-30 minutes. This will vary with the age and level of student. Teacher will mark assigned practice material in book by flagging the page and marking the date of the next lesson on the song(s) to practice.

Parent/Guardian Expectations:

The parent/guardian is expected to drop off student or wait in the car, porch, or waiting room during the lesson so the student can focus. Parents/guardians may observe first lesson to get acquainted with instructor and lesson space. Parents/guardians should supervise practice at home as needed:

  • Pre-school students will require parent/guardian-assisted practice, working through specific assignments and goals given by the teacher each week (communicated to parent/guardian via notes handwritten in lesson book on specific song(s) to practice, or in-person at end of lesson, if applicable).

  • Elementary students will need varying levels of supervision, depending on the student’s maturity. This may be sitting with the student as they practice, assisting time management, or merely reminding them to practice.​

  • Middle/High School students may need reminders to practice and/or assistance in time management.

  • Adult students should be self regulated in practicing.

Regular practice is a large part of learning an instrument and is best done with the encouragement of a parent/guardian!

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