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Coronavirus Policies

Online Lessons Available!

Lessons are offered online via Zoom or In-Person (beginning Summer 2022). Your family's health is our #1 priority! For Zoom lessons, the same make-up and attendance policies apply. For In Person lessons, the following Coronavirus precautions will take place:

  1. Instructor will frequently sanitize studio space.

  2. Hand sanitizer/the opportunity to wash hands will be available to instructor and students before and after lessons.

  3. Wearing a mask is optional as the student is comfortable and instructor/student will socially distance as much as possible. Considerations from current CDC and local guidelines will be followed.

  4. Student needs to stay home if feeling sick, feverish, have any symptoms as per CDC guidelines, or have been in recent contact with someone who tested positive for Coronavirus. The Lesson can take via Zoom for the day or a Make-Up scheduled. The same applies for Instructor.

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