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About Cati

Catheryn (Cati) Ferguson, M.A., has been teaching music in various settings for 15 years. She has made it her life goal to inspire and teach music students of all ages by equipping them with the essential skills to become disciplined, expressive, and creative musicians.

Cati grew up here in Lebanon, IN where she was homeschooled and participated in 4-H, piano festivals, and church band/choir. She began teaching private lessons in high school for Family Music Studio. It was a hard decision to move away to Florida for school, but she is excited to be back in Lebanon with her husband, near family and teaching music lessons in her hometown again.

Her love of music started when she was about nine: it started with piano lessons, but then grew to a life filled with music! She has been part of multiple bands, orchestras, traveling choirs, and has studied several instruments to varying levels.

Cati graduated from JUFL in 2015 with a Bachelors of Arts in Bible and Musical Arts, and then from UCF in 2017 with a Master of Arts in Music with a focus in Piano Pedagogy.

She is currently a Lecturing Music Professor at Johnson University Florida where she teaches Music Appreciation and Music Theory Lab (levels 1-4). Cati has taught at Seminole State College and University of Central Florida as an Adjunct Professor of Music teaching Music Appreciation and Class Piano (levels 1-4).

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